Arabians clinch district title for fifth time in a row

The Varsity Arabians still have two games left in district but at 6-0 they are the 2020 District Champs! After beating Young Women’s Leadership Academy on Friday night, the Arabians took control of their district with noone to challenge them.
On Tuesday night against D’Hanis, the Arabians started off sluggish but quickly adjusted and won in four sets at 24-26, 25-22, 25-18, and 25-21. “We haven’t played a game at this speed in a while and you could tell in the 1st set. We had to get some dust out of us and we picked it up in the 2nd set. The girls did a great job of overcoming their errors and fighting for the win. This game was huge for us and is exactly what we needed going into playoffs in a couple of weeks.” Coach Leigh Anne McIver

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Kills: Megan Runyan 14, Rylee Esquibel 9, Bailey Oropeza 8, Brianna Torres 1, Aleyna Gerlach 3, Madison Pike 10. Aces: Allison Stevens 2, Runyan 2, Oropeza 2, Avery Cruz 1. Blocks: Torres 2, Pike 6. Digs: Stevens 1, Runyan 12, Esquibel 3, Kristina Moralez 22, Oropeza 11, Cruz 2. Assists: Stevens 18, Esquibel 19, Moralez 2, Gerlach 1.
When they faced YWLA on Friday, the Arabians won in three sets. “We couldn’t get into a groove in the 1st and 2nd set. Our passing today just seemed off, not as crisp as it usually is, which in turn affected our offense. But I thought we picked it up in the 3rd set and had some really good serves that took YWLA out of their offense. With this win we clinched the district championship, 5 years in a row winning district.” Coach McIver. They took the match 25-19, 25-17, and 25-9.
Kills: Runyan 8, Esquibel 7, Lacey Shook 1, Torres 2, Gerlach 2, Pike 4. Aces: Stevens 1, Runyan 2, Esquibel 2, Moralez 1, Shook 3, Cruz 1. Blocks: Gerlach 1, Pike 1. Digs: Stevens 3, Runyan 3, Esquibel 5, Moralez, 8, Oropeza 2, Shook 1, Cruz 3. Assists: Stevens 12, Esquibel 6.
The Arabians will play Fox Tech this Friday night. The Bi-District playoff game will be announced after the Friday games.
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer