A slow week

Time for your weekly dose of Lytle PD activity. Service calls for the week totaled 64. It was a slow week for traffic stops, officers only conducted 24 stops. Looks like 14 got citations and 10 received warnings. I’m not too surprised; we have had officers out sick as well as some working while also battling allergies. That will suck the energy right out of you. With this week being spring break we will get a little breather from the school related traffic, I call it a teaser for summer. With school out our daytime population drops significantly, as does our traffic.
Officers made 3 arrests last week. At 3:50 AM on March 5, Sgt. Hanson made contact with two people on the side of the road. They were going through a pile of old lumber. He determined the male had two active felony warrants out of Medina Co. He also found out that the 17 year old female was listed as a run-a-way. While he was processing the adult he also found some “meth” on him, so he picked up another felony charge. Later that same day Ofc. Lopez cited and released a male for theft; he took some scrap metal from the old Schwan’s building. Ofc. Pena finished out the week with an arrest for public intoxication on Railroad Street, he was booked into the Atascosa Co. Jail.
On Saturday, H.E.B. Plus reported two thefts that occurred on March 3. An unknown male pushed out a basket with about $500 worth of product, on the second incident a female shoved 26 tubes of lipstick (valued at $208) in her purse and took off. In other news, a Lytle Nursing Home employee reported that two of her tires were “slashed.” A week or so ago, Sgt. Hanson impounded a pickup truck with a U-Haul trailer attached. Ofc. Lopez headed over to the impound yard and did some crawling around and found an ID number, sure enough it was stolen.
I know that’s a lot of info and it’s really not that exciting, what can I say? I report on stuff, I don’t make it up… If I could make stuff up this would really be a good read.
On Friday we headed over to the Lytle Primary/Elementary Campus annual student & parent picnic. There were people everywhere, the football field was loaded down with kids and teachers and there were lines of parents (with lots of bags of fast food) waiting to get in. Talk about parent/guardian involvement! If my dad would have been in town and driven by I can hear him now “Don’t those people have jobs?”