Tucker is the big 2 years old this Tuesday. We let him open a gift early this morning with a brand-new pair of cowboy boots so he was excited about that.
As my mom says, “He’s 2, and he’s feeling every bit” of his age! That boy has an endless supply of ideas and energy to carry them out. He just goes from one thing to the next endlessly, unceasingly. One of his new favorite things to do is sneak into our laundry room and get out the Swiffer mop and chant “I Clean!”, “I clean!”….. He likes it because when you press the button it makes a noise and squirts out the cleaning stuff. It’s empty right now, but it still makes the noise, and boy does he love it. So now he’s our little janitor.
I watched him mop and mop his heart out yesterday, and then he was onto the next thing…karate v house flies. He used to love using the fly swatter, but now he loves the mop, and he uses his karate on the flies. He has been trying to karate kick the flies kicking his little leg as high up in the air as he can muster….I’m not sure if he annihilated any flies yet, but if you’ve lost your fly swatter or are looking for a new way to kill flies–it’s very entertaining to watch. Pretty sure I’d pull a muscle if I tried it.
After a little karate, he went into Train Mode. He loves the show Dinosaur Train, and will sit in front of the TV just like a little puppy, but don’t worry, he gets plenty of exercise, even while watching TV. He stands right there in front of the TV, bouncing up and down endlessly. Instead of Aerobics, we call it Tucker-robics.
He’s also enjoying the art of enthusiasm right now. When he sees something he likes, he very enthusiastically holds his palms up and his mouth drops wide open “See that?” “See that?” he exclaims so overdramatically. It’s just the cutest thing.
I’ll tell you one thing, Tucker’s busy schedule has got me feeling every bit of my age too!