A single-arrest week

A little slow last week, we only handled 41 calls for service. We had 97 traffic stops which resulted in 59 citations and 38 warnings.
Only one arrest last week! Captain Reyes conducted a traffic stop on a speeding motorist and ended up arresting her for possession of Marijuana. Only two (2) property crimes reported last week as well. I said it was a little slow…..both property crimes occurred at the H.E.B. C-Store. Both were misdemeanor thefts. In crime #1 a fellow ate a hotdog without paying for it. He fled before our rapid response anti-crime unit could get there. Crime #2 was also a small theft, details are limited but the crook fled before we got there.
The call that most caught my attention was at McDonalds, a customer was upset with their order so they threw it at the employee. I’ve had plenty of mishaps with to go orders but I normally will eat whatever they shove in that bag.
I’ve been reading about the golf course saga in Devine, the city inherited a golf course through a chain of events. From what I’ve heard running a golf course is really expensive so they are looking at options. Here is my unsolicited solution: Convert the golf course to some sort of dirt/mud racetrack for motor cross and 4×4 trucks. You could even have those “monster” trucks every now and then. The city could allow all those people with homes on the golf course to charge for parking and operate concession stands out of their garages. I don’t see how this plan could fail. This could “supercharge” the economy down there.
Gilbert Rodriguez, the Chief of Police in Natalia, has resigned and accepted a position as the Chief Deputy of Patrol for the Medina Co. Sheriff’s Office. I have enjoyed a great working relationship with him and I hope our neighboring city to the south finds a good replacement. When I think of my favorite police chiefs I always put myself at # 1, but Gilbert makes it into the top 12 for sure.
Mayor Pro-Tem Ruben Gonzalez will be at city hall again this coming Saturday from 10 AM till 2PM. He will be collecting signatures of registered Lytle voters on a petition that will allow for an election that could approve the sale of “mixed drinks” at restaurants. He collected nearly 100 signatures last Saturday. This is an economic development tool to possibly draw chain “sit down” restaurants to our city, since mixed drinks are part of many of their business plans.
Friday night is the big rivalry game between Natalia and Lytle. The Natalia Chief and I were going to have a friendly wager on the game, perhaps the looser would wear a jersey of the wining team to work for a day. Well I guess he got cold feet and maybe the stress of the game is one reason he resigned.
I know everybody loves free hotdogs; I’ll have plenty at our National Night Out event on Tues. Oct. 1. It’s not okay to go to the H.E.B. C-store and take one. That’s not a free hotdog, that’s a “hot” hotdog.