Feed buckets and naps

Big sister A’Dell has a new game. She now likes to pretend her baby brother is “a baby” (go figure) and tries to wrap him up in a blankie and make him take an unscheduled nap. As you can imagine, her rambunctious brother wants no part of that and looks as if he is fighting for his life as he tries to escape the sissy nap. All the while, she speaks to him in a very calming comforting tone, as he kicks and screams and twists and turns out of her loving arms…oh brother and sisterly love. I told her to stop torturing her brother to which she responded “I’m not torturing him. I’m just playing like he’s my baby. He needs a nap.”
Sure he does.
We have a horse at our house right now, so I can treat an injury. Tucker is just having too much fun with the horse though. He’s going to be so disappointed when we take the horse back to the ranch. Every time we go outside he travels back and forth from the feed bag to the horse, taking one handful at a time. He dumps it on the ground by the gate and then he kicks it underneath to the other side, and Chili Dog waits anxiously for another bite. Sometimes I fill up the bucket and let him carry it, but that’s always a gamble. The bucket is so big he can hardly see his feet, so he stumbles on anything. He is never so clumsy as when he’s holding a feed bucket. I guess everyone’s got to learn somehow. So I hand him the bucket and he carries it proudly as I follow behind him and try to help guide him to a safe landing.
Heck, I’m still plenty clumsy, he might be spilling feed buckets his whole life. Guess he can use all the practice he can get.