A family of 8 comes together in Devine

The Jesse and Aurora Hernandez family was one of three families celebrating adoptions this past Tuesday, November 27 at the Hondo Courthouse. The Devine couple celebrated and finalized the adoption of three beautiful children, now part of a family of 8.
“It was a heart-warming experience to be able to show these kids what it is to love and be a part of a family,” said Aurora Hernandez. “They were in a situation where they weren’t even sure if they’d have dinner that night.”
Hernandez says adoption is much quicker and easier than you might think, and she encourages families to start by fostering.
“Start by fostering, and you’ll see–you’ll just fall in love with that child. I’ve always wanted to adopt, and it was way easier and quicker than I thought it would be,” Hernandez said. “The caseworkers were great and did all they could to help all of us become one forever family.”
She adds, “I’d even like to adopt one more little boy and make that difference in their life, especially after seeing that love in a child’s eyes….lots of joyful, happy tears were shed last Tuesday.”
Aunt Linda adds, “My brother and sister in law have such big hearts and even bigger hearts for taking these wonderful children into their home and adopting them. Seeing them that day with their big smiles on their faces just melts your heart…..It was a great feeling watching them that day, seeing them all with smiles on their faces.”
Informational meeting on foster/adoption in Hondo this Saturday
CPS Adoption Supervisor Julio Rosario shared some statistics with the Hondo Anvil Herald last week, reporting that 1,400 kids are available for adoption in the San Antonio area, which includes 27 counties. In Medina County, 35 adoptions have taken placed from September 2017 through August 2018.
According to Department of Family Protective Services, as of September 2018, there were more than 3,700 children in Texas are available for adoption for whom CPS was seeking a permanent home.
Visit www.dfps.state.tx.us/Application and look at the many Waiting Children on their TARE page. You will also find more children’s profiles at the Heart Gallery of South Texas.
Meeting in Hondo this Saturday
On December 8th, 10:00 am – 11:30 am there will be an informational foster/adopt meeting at the Hondo Library at 2003 Avenue K, Hondo,TX 78861. For General questions, (210) 337-3117 or call Cheronda Tillman, Foster Care and Adoption Recruiter, (210) 337-3528.
Help kids through a local volunteer program
If you cannot make the commitment to foster or adopt, but would like to help in another great way, consider becoming a CASA volunteer through the Bluebonnet Center in Hondo with works with local kids in care of CPS.
To become a volunteer, reach out to the Bluebonnet Center at 830-426-5554 or by email at bluebonneted@sbcglobal.net and ask for Executive Director Ed Gentry, of Devine, or Andi Hearn to learn more about becoming a volunteer for the children. You can call or text Andi Hearn at 210-275-2487 or message her on Facebook.