A Dino-mite first kiss

Tucker eats, sleeps, and breathes dinosaurs these days. At any given moment, he might break out with a dramatic tale of his latest Dino daydream, or show you his own “BIG T-REX teeth.”
Yesterday, he was sitting in his high chair eating Spaghettios when he broke out in an all-out roar. He quickly started shoveling Spaghettios in his mouth in a barbaric way. Soon the sauce and noodles were everywhere, but I think he got a little of it in his mouth, and it sure beat having to beg him to eat.
Our house often looks like a herd of dinosaurs have been roaming through here too. If there’s one thing Tucker is good at, it’s making a T-REX size mess.
But the most “dino-mite” thing happened last night. We were sitting on the couch, enjoying our working electricity, watching a movie and having popcorn. Tucker was sitting beside me with his friendly Velociraptor toy, who was “helping Tucker eat his popcorn”. Tucky put the pieces of popcorn inside the raptor’s mouth and manually made him chew it up for him. (Genius because raptor teeth are pretty sharp, you know?) But soon, I turned around and saw Tucker was basically French-kissing the raptor to get the pre-chewed popcorn out. It was great. Someday, when Tucker falls in love, I’ll tell his girlfriend. “Did you know Tucker’s first kiss was a Velociraptor?”
Shoulda took a picture. They’ll never believe me.
I recently had a fun conversation with Tucker, who will be 3 years old this March, about who he wanted to be when he grew up. Do you want to be a farmer? Nope. A doctor? Nope. A truck driver? Nope. Finally, growing tired of my guessing, he said with his biggest, deepest manly voice– “I want to be a big T-Rex with big sharp teeth!”
Well, that explains a lot!