A break in the action

Last week provided a nice “break in the action” from our recent weather event. While we handled 54 service calls, only 3 were property crimes and no one went to jail.
The biggest crime was a vehicle burglary at McDonald’s, an employee left work to find that his stereo was removed from his unlocked vehicle. Hopefully we will be provided some video footage that will aid our investigation. On Saturday officers responded to West Texas Gas on FM 2790 E. for a report of suspicious activity. It appeared that a male and female were trying to retrieve payments that had been dropped in the night box. They departed prior to the arrival of the officers. Maybe they heard on the news about all those high utility bills and figured there might be some big payments in there. I guess that is how criminals think? A complainant reported that his credit card was lost/stolen at the Yumm Market on Main St. it was used at a business in Bexar Co. So that is it, not too much to report.
I spent most of last week catching up on work around the office. That extreme cold, snow, on again off again electricity/water issues put a halt to my hard charging work ethic. I just regrouped and listened to 80’s music.