A class act: DMS One Act Play wins silver medal and clinches win

Cast and crew on stage accepting their silver medals and plaque at the UIL competition December 14. Also pictured is Director Sharie Miller.

Devine Middle School’s One Act Play team competed in District 29 4A UIL competition on Saturday December 14 at the Medina Valley Performing Arts Center. Students brought home the silver medal and earned 5 individual awards. The 200 points earned clinched the win for DMS Academic UIL.
Yancey Parson earned a Best Crew award for her excellent work as our stage manager. She is my tiny ninja that keeps the show running. I can’t be on stage during the competition –it’s against the UIL rules—so she has to make split second decisions and keep everything afloat. Earning a place on the Honorable Mention Cast was Michael Biediger for his work as Junior. Three students place on the All Star Cast. Catelyn Flores was honored for her portrayal of Marge. Catelyn incidentally memorized the entire script and kept her teammates on track! Playing Oscar earned Roger Casias his spot. “Over all characterization works well, especially the bit with the golf club. That stage business is used well” according to Tommy Pittman one of the judges when commenting on Roger’s character. Rounding out the All Star Cast award was Eli James for his work as Dr. Phillips. Once again Mr. Pittman comments, “The scene between the mom and the Dr. was a phenomenal scene. You could pull it out and use it in “Humorous Duet Acting” competitions. Excellent work you two.”
They say it takes a village to raise a child. I say it takes a tribe to put on a show. Each member has some wonderful contribution whether it’s on stage or not. And it doesn’t just stop with the students. It spreads out to the parents and then the community. We could not do what we do without all this support. Parents bring their students to endless rehearsals. They spend countless hours running lines to help each child succeed. The community lends us props and materials we can’t afford to buy and makes sure we have what we need. Folks donate money to buy scripts and costumes so we can produce a quality show. Don’t even ask me about royalty fees! These are all necessary things and the support of my tribe makes it possible. Super job guys! You made me proud!!
By Sharie Miller
Director, DMS OAP