20 Warhorse Band members make it on All Region Bands, 7 qualify for Area

Twenty (20) Warhorse Band members auditioned and qualified for a chair on the All Region Band and then performed together with them this past Saturday, Dec. 14 on the stage of the beautiful fine arts facility of Pleasanton High School. Representing Devine proudly, in their formal attire, also used during Devine’s Symphonic Concerts, are: Ben Garcia, Angelo Alvarez, Lillian Mendoza, Sidney Weyel, Andrea Sanchez, Caleb Martin, Pauline Calame, Jeff Miller-Director, Felicity Diaz, Isabella Elias, Gilbert Iglesias, Clarissa Maldonado, Charlize Benavidez, Josie Holguin, Madilynne Mohr, Ava McCaleb, Carlo Rivera, Jordan Erxleben, Josephine Taitano. Not Pictured: Brian Schaefer and Evan Priest.

Please help us to congratulate 20 members of the Devine High School Warhorse Band for the amazing success achieved at the ATSSB All-Region Band Auditions on December 7 qualifying them for a chair in the All Region Band! The 20 qualifiers performed with their respective All Region Bands performed this past Saturday, December 14 in Pleasanton and practiced with them all day Friday, and again Saturday morning before their Saturday afternoon concerts. The All Region Concert Band performed first followed by the Symphonic Band.
All Region – Area advancing
There are (7) students who will be advancing to the Area Auditions with an opportunity to advance to the All-State Band:
Josephine Taitano, Symphonic Band, 1st chair Flute, AREA
Madilynne Mohr, Symphonic Band, 3rd chair Clarinet, AREA
Brian Schaefer, Symphonic Band, 1st chair Trumpet, AREA
Sydney Weyel, Concert Band, 1st chair Trumpet, AREA
Gilbert Iglesias, Symphonic Band, 1st chair Bass Trombone, AREA
Isabella Elias, Symphonic Band, 1st chair Euphonium, AREA
Caleb Martin, Symphonic Band, 4th chair Percussion, AREA
All Region
These (9) students also earned a chair in the All-Region Band:
Charlize Benavidez, Concert Band, 8th chair Flute,
Clarissa Maldonado, Concert Band, 6th chair Clarinet
Ava McCaleb, Concert Band, 14th chair Clarinet
Felicity Diaz, Concert Band, 3rd chair Bass Clarinet
Angelo Alavez, Concert Band, 2nd chair Tuba
Evan Priest, Concert Band, 3rd chair Tuba
Carlo Rivera, Concert Band, 5th chair Tuba
Andrea Sanchez, Symphonic Band, 7th chair Percussion
Pauline Calame, Concert Band, 1st chair Percussion
All Region Alternate Chairs
These (4) students earned an Alternate chair in the All-Region Concert Band:
Jordan Erxleben, 1st Alternate, Clarinet
Josie Holguin, 3rd Alternate, Clarinet
Liliana Mendoza, 1st Alternate, Euphonium
Ben Garcia, 1st Alternate, Tuba
“Let’s give all of these students a big “Congrats” for the months of preparation and hard work! It is also important to note that SIX of these students earned FIRST CHAIR in their section!!! Woohoo!” said Jeff. W. Miller, MM, Director of Bands, Devine I.S.D.
The students who earned “Area” will get to audition on Saturday, January 11th in Orange Grove against students from all 5 Regions in our Area for a chair in the Texas 4A All-State Symphonic Band.