52 service calls

Here is a quick look at what went on at Lytle PD last week: Officers handled 52 calls for police service. That is a fair number unless you were Cpl. Robison, who somehow was the primary officer on 23 of those calls! Officers conducted 43 traffic stops last week, and would you believe it that Cpl. Robison made 18 of those stops. Of those 43 stops, 23 were citations and 20 were warnings.
Only one arrest this past week, and it could have taken a turn for the worse really quickly. Lt. Dear attempted to stop a vehicle for a traffic violation and the guy decided to “run”. After a brief pursuit, the suspect was apprehended. He had a warrant out of Medina Co. and a loaded revolver that was reported stolen out of Bexar Co. Good job Lt. Dear for getting a stolen gun off the streets and I thank God the fellow didn’t get any wild ideas about using the gun. Even in a pleasant, peaceful community such as ours, our officers face dangerous situations on a regular basis.
Property crime reports were very low this week, with only two. A Lake Wind Dr. resident reported a cabinet was knocked over on her breezeway. On Tuesday afternoon a fellow with a backpack walked into the Best Western and took the elevator to the 3rd floor. During his visit to the 3rd floor he “drilled” out the Coca Cola vending machine and took an undisclosed amount of money.
The train broke down three (3) times this past week and was blocking various crossings. Yes, in a small town that is divided by the tracks this is news. I have heard the complaints for years. There is always someone with a gallon of ice cream that is melting due to the delay in getting home. That is why you should carry plastic spoons in your vehicle.
Capt. Reyes and Ofc. Pena enjoyed a complimentary breakfast on Saturday. The Lytle Masonic Lodge hosted their annual First Responder Breakfast. I had prior plans so I missed it this year. I bet the guy cooking pancakes was glad I wasn’t there, I kept him busy last year.
School is back in full swing and with it comes all the increased traffic. Please use caution around the school zones, our officers will be out in force providing high visibility patrols. The first week or so, traffic is so congested that I don’t think you could speed even if you wanted to.