Watermelon scented notebooks

I don’t know why automakers don’t just put the radio controls in the back seat where the kids are, because my little 9 year old is pretty passionate about what song is on. I hardly even “hear” a song when I hear shouting from the backseat “Leave it here, I LOVE this song, mom! I love this song. Don’t change it pleeeeease!” or “Change the station mom. Mom, mom. Mom, change the station please” when she doesn’t like the song.
She is certainly persistent. Her cousin had a sleepover birthday party this weekend, which we found out about 2 weeks ago. Let me tell you, she was excited about that birthday party, so much that she reminded me about it every day leading up the big event. Every afternoon she would come to me saying “What day is it? Can I see the calendar? Yep…..it’s 4 days away, it’s 3 days away, it’s today!!!!”
When we finally arrived at the birthday party, baby brother walked through the door with us and just UNLOADED his lunch right there in the entry way. Happy Birthday cousin Claire! I guess it’s fair to say my mom isn’t the only one who gets carsick from my driving. So that was fun to clean up.
My husband watched the baby for a few hours the next day so I could take sister school shopping, and that’s always fun. Little girls get so excited about the color of notebooks and folders. We even got some “scented” notebooks. “Look mom! Mom, this notebook smells like watermelon! This one smells like bananas!”
Oh my goodness, notebooks that smell like fruit. Who ever thought of that!? It’s the little things in life….like watermelon scented notebooks. It sure put a big smile on her face.