3 kisses

Tucker found some toy keys, an old wallet, and a stack of papers last night, which became his favorite toys. He lugged them around all evening, and wanted to bring them to bed too. Finally, I coerced him into leaving them on the floor right beside the bed.
As he tried to talk me out of going to bed, he picked up his keys and said “I’m gonna go to the store….the beeg store.”
“The big store?” I asked, “What you going to buy?”
“I’m gonna buy a ranch, some keys, some rocks, and some hamburger.”
Trying not to laugh too obviously, I responded, “That’s what you’re gonna buy?”
“Yeah, and some steak,” he added.
Tucker is full of laughs. He loves to use his big daddy voice as he imitates him, but he’s a mama’s boy all the way.
The other day I kissed Tucker on the cheek, and he quickly turned and pointed for me to kiss the other side too. That’s not out of the ordinary, but it never gets old. But before I could stand up to walk away he quickly lifted up his bangs and used his other hand to point at his forehead. He wanted a kiss there too.
And at that moment all of my worries went away and he filled me with some much needed laughs. Kids sure do have a great way of doing that.