26 dumpsters removed

Still no rain, at least in our immediate area. Thursday we had to stop our efforts out in Lytle Ranch Acres due to a downpour that lasted a couple minutes. Sure smelled nice.
Even with a short Labor Day week, it seemed busier than most. We started picking up dumpsters on Tuesday morning, finishing up on Wednesday, and picked up a total of 26 dumpsters that had been left in the County right-of-way. We’ve only got about 5-6 left in the yard for the companies to pick up and return to the customers. Then the complaints started……
Ever notice how you never see one of these dumpsters on the Farm to Market right-of-way or along the Interstate Highways? That’s because there is a law against it and the State won’t allow their placement there BUT, they are (or used to be) almost everywhere along the County roads. In the future, they will be picked up by a wrecker service, stored at their site and the company billed for the towing and storage.
I had numerous complaints but, once explained, most of them agreed with my actions. Some didn’t. Seems a couple wanna tell their mama or their lawyers on me for being so mean and forcing them to comply with State Statutes. Got called everything but a human being. A non-Republican even called me “racist.” Wonder what would happen if we put our dumpster on their property? Getting complaints about mailboxes now but, that’s a Federal issue and (according to my learned buddy Nap Herrera) there are exceptions to every rule. Done with dumpsters for now.
There will be two Public Hearings on the proposed Tax Rate…September 12th at 10 AM and September 19th at 6 PM in the Courthouse in Hondo for those wishing to attend.
STILL no word from the State when we can move into the new location.
Now to the big news…Charlie’s is closing and moving. Guess we gotta head down to Moore and have lunch at Johnnie Evans house (Mawmaw) until they get moved. Eighty days until you can legally put up Christmas lights.