SGM James Meneley

SGM James Meneley, 8th Army Provost SGM, Camp Humphreys, Korea, has the following to say about his story: “In sharing my experience, my hope is to inspire a young American to answer the call and serve [our] country. I also understand that it is a shared responsibility to foster the trust between the American people and the Army that serves them.”
James (Jim) Meneley was raised in Devine and graduated in 1992, admitting that he “was not much of a student in high school.” He decided to enlist into the US Army shortly after graduating, choosing the 31B Military Police (MP) as his Military Occupation Specialty (MOS). Jim says he “quickly fell in love with the US Army” and learned many valuable lessons early on.
Spending the majority of his 27-year career serving in Combat Support Military Police Battalions, Jim has served all around the world, including several tours of duty in Europe and Asia as well as in the continental United States, from Fort Bragg, NC, to Fort Lewis, WA. He deployed several times to the Middle East in support of the Fight on Terror and served on Police Transition Teams and Antiterrorism/Vulnerability Assessment Teams embedded with the Iraq people at the height of the Iraq War.
Winding back to fifteen years, Jim met and married “the lovely” Nichol Neuschwander, and they have two beautiful daughters. “They have been the rock that I continue to lean on,” he states, adding, “the girls keep me both young and motivated to set the right example.”
Jim took advantage of the US Army’s Tuition Assistance Program and graduated from the University of Maryland University College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice. Continuing to advance his career through further education, Jim also attended some of the US Army’s specialized training such as Airborne “Jump” School, which conducts basic paratrooper training, earning the “Silver Wings”.

SGM James Meneley and his wife, Nichol.

In addition, Jim has attended many of the Military Police advanced schools such as Protective Service Training, which trains in Protective Service Operations for executive level DoD leaders who are potential targets of terrorism and/or criminal acts, and Anti-Terror Officer Basic. The focus here is on preparing a local threat assessment, conducting a criticality assessment, and conducting a vulnerability assessment and active shooter/insider threats. Add to this all of the Non-Commissioned Officer Education Schools, and graduating from the US Army Sergeants Major Academy Class 66.
Jim is currently serving in the Eighth United States Army as the Provost Sergeant Major at Camp Humphreys, South Korea, as an Operations Sergeant Major (E9) in the US Army. “Our role in the Eight Army Provost Marshals Office,” Jim explains, “is to plan, coordinate, and employ Military Police assets and capabilities in the Korean Theater of Operations in both Armistice and Crisis conditions for the Eighth United States Army.”
With the mindset of promoting military service, Jim shares the following valuable lessons he has gained from being a part of the US Army:
* It doesn’t matter what your background is – if you work hard and stay dedicated and determined, you can achieve successes you never dreamed of.
* The US Army is filled with phenomenal people and leaders who demand the very best from you; they are also some of the best teammates during the worst of times.
* The US Army is obviously challenging. However, there is a special bond that soldiers share with one another, as friendships are forged through hardships.