2020 redistricting underway

Left the house on Monday morning and ran into water dripping off the roof at 5:30 in the morning. Short lived though…Some folks got rain in the front yard but, none in the back yard. Got a whopping 1/10 of an inch of rain..no complaints, thank God for the rain. By this time last year, we had 34.8 inches of rain out Black Creek way and so far, after 76 days of no rain, we have gotten 17.8 inches since January 1. Probly Trumps fault.
I missed the last Commissioners Court meeting due to attending a funeral so, most of the information contained herein is second hand, or hearsay….just don’t impeach me.
The 2020 Census Redistricting is underway and we have enlisted the services of Allison, Bass and Magee, LLP for assistance. New lines will be drawn and the shape of the Precincts Countywide will change. There will be representatives from each Precinct, non-elected officials (regular type citizens), on the Committee to draw up lines acceptable to the various organizations, lawyers and politicians who will ultimately approve the Precinct lines so that no one is at an advantage or disadvantage when it comes to electing representatives.
We have purchased a new (to us) sweeper to aid in our paving efforts and will no longer have to borrow one from the City when we have a project in the works. Last week, we received our brand new shiny tractor and boom shredder and can now resume our right of way maintenance. Due to it being new and improved with lotsa lights, bells, whistles, levers, joy sticks and buttons, we area gonna have to have a class this Thursday on how to operate the dang thing.
I am not sure how the mapping system update is progressing but, I had another Private Road brought to my attention that I did not know existed. We penciled it into our map book and put a sign up to mark its location so, hopefully this is the last one but, probly not. I think Pat Bourcier is on top of this effort.
STILL no word from the State on the deed to the old TxDOT property but, we have moved the pile of mulch from Rose Hill to the public parking lot next to the Devine Vet Clinic so that it would be available at any time. We also moved the recycled oil tank to the same lot so that people can have a place to dispose of their used motor oil without dumping it on the ground…it’s a big, white container located in the corner of the parking lot at that location.
Had a High School classmate of mine from La Grange (Mike Turner) tell me that he was tired of hearing about the dumpster situation in our area so, no more on dumpsters.
The funeral this past week was for my brother-in-law, John Ward….who I respectfully and affectionately called my wife’s brother-in-law. John was instrumental in establishing a scholarship program for DHS students and was involved in many other community activities (a lot of them from a behind the scenes). Not a whole lotta folks around fit into this category….but we need more.
Haven’t been to the newly opened Calame Store yet, but will soon. Been told they have morning coffee available. Only 84 days till CHRISTmas, Murdock…then we can start looking forward to next CHRISTmas. Pray for rain…..it worked for the Preacher out on 7711.