Weed Whacking

I did some mowing with the good old fashioned push mower this weekend. It’s quite the workout when there’s overgrown grass, let me tell ya. I hope I lost some weight or something! I tried to teach my teenager how to use the little electric weed whacker, but it broke about five minutes into it of course.
I lost the battery, so I had to order a replacement. Then I couldn’t find the string, so I had to order a replacement. And now a little tiny piece broke off inside the thing that holds the spools of string. Some projects are just like that. I thought I was gonna teach my teenager another great “life skill” but it just wasn’t meant to be that day.
At one point, I told her if she didn’t whack all of the weeds in a certain area, I would make her pull them out by hand one at a time. As hard headed as she is, she said she would rather do it that way. Long story short, after the weed whacker broke, she got to pull a lot by hand after all! Of course, she still insisted it was easier. My achy lower back says otherwise.
I have a feeling she will soon change her mind about how easy it is to pull weeds versus whack them!