Watson named Devine VFD Firefighter of the Month

Clint Watson.

When we watch television, sometimes our idea of firefighters, police officers, or cowboys is slanted by the shows and advertisements we see. Obviously we know that not every firefighter is a handsome rugged tough man’s man, but then again, some are! This month you get to meet one of those men, as the Devine Volunteer Fire and Rescue Departments’ Firefighter of the Month. Clint Watson, Born and raised right here in Devine TX. A 1982 alumni of Devine High School. Clint has Master’s Degrees in Education and in Counseling, and is in his 21st year working in school systems, which includes everything from teaching to working with individual students that have mental or behavioral issues. Clint also runs his family ranch, and is a true cowboy.
After a 27-year absence, Clint and his wife Shelly (also a Devine Firefighter) moved back to Devine in 2017 to help Clint’s mother, Lucille Watson. Clint and Shelly joined the DVFD in 2019. Clint’s father John Watson was also a DVFD member back in the early 1970’s. When asked why he joined, Clint replied “Devine has a rich history of generations of family members who have served at DVFD, the Watson family is no different.” He went on to say “Volunteering with DVFD has been an eye-opening experience. It takes a lot of training to be ready for the things we get called out to help with, from all types of fires to vehicle wrecks and medical assists. Being on scene of wrecks and seeing the need for medical training has led DVFD down a new path with the coming EMT academy which will help us better serve our community.”
We asked Chief Greg Atkinson what makes Clint special? Chief Atkinson said “Clint is like John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, and Robert De Niro all rolled into one guy. He is tougher than nails, yet wise enough and delicate enough to know when to be more sensitive. Clint is a godsend to have around, with his expertise in counseling and ability to be both strong and sensitive at the same time. If I am going to a house fire and need strength and toughness, I want him with me, if I’m going to a medical call for an infant choking and have scared parents, and I need compassion and understanding, I want him with me. Clint is a vital asset to this department, and the skill sets he brings to the table are remarkable.”
Those strong words by Chief Atkinson are backed up by Firefighter Clint Watsons run report this month, he made 75 calls this past month and helped so many citizens around Devine. We asked Clint if he liked the direction the department was moving? He said “Absolutely! Personally, I like the medical side because of the direct contact with the people of Devine. I have gone on calls where I know the person in crisis, and them knowing me; somehow seeing someone they know seems to always help de-escalate the situation. My wife and I joined the DVFD as a way to help our community in any way we could. It’s an exciting time to be a part of DVFD and I would like to personally extend an invitation to anyone reading this to become a part of the DVFD team.”
This gentle giant is a picturesque image of what we want our children’s hero’s to be. He is a team guy, intelligent, strong, sensitive, brave, and community minded which are all great attributes. They are also the attributes of a firefighter coming to help you in your time of need here in Devine. We love all of our emergency first responders, but this month a special thank you to Clint Watson, this month’s Devine Volunteer Fire and Rescue Firefighter of the month.