Watson named Devine Firefighter of the Month

Shelly Watson

Devine Fire and Rescue is blessed to have many amazing contributing partners, as well as a great ESD 2 board, to help fund this small Fully Volunteer Fire department. However, all of those funds, in multiple accounts, need tracked and managed. Tax payer dollars separate from non-profit donations, vehicle maintenance dollars, separate from training per diem and equipment funding. It’s a 30 hour a week job just keeping the department’s books in order and staying up with the bills and funding. No full time accountant on staff, just this month’s Firefighter of the month, Shelly Watson. Shelly isn’t just a Firefighter, she is the volunteer association’s treasurer, and at times, the mother of the department keeping the team in line. This east Texas girl moved to the beautiful city of Devine with her husband, fellow firefighter and local Devine resident Clint Watson. When ask how she got into firefighting, Firefighter Shelly Watson says “I was bored and wanted a way to serve my new community, I had quickly fell in love with Devine since moving here in 2017. I saw an ad in this very newspaper, for the fire department, and decided to apply. I’m certainly not bored anymore, and was even fired from working our family farm because I spent too much time at the fire department, ha ha, that’s ok. After earning my Emergency Medical Responder certification I took a part-time job on a BLS ambulance doing patient transports. That is thanks to what I have learned through the fire department!” We asked Fire Chief Atkinson about Firefighter Shelly Watson, here is what he had to say. “This place doesn’t run without Shelly. She puts in time at the farm, time with the ambulance, makes rescue runs with us and still puts in 30 hours a week to ensure our finances are in order. That is all besides the baby sitting she does, and other volunteer and odd jobs she does to help the community. Shelly isn’t just an intricate part of our fire department, but also of the Devine community.” Firefighter Shelly Watson added “As a member of the Devine Volunteer Fire and Rescue my goal is to be the best I can be for the community. I don’t care to be the best Firefighter; just my best. My parents always told us to do what makes us happy and helping others makes me happy.” Shelly and Clint have three grown children, and have both worked with children of special needs. They both have loving caring hearts, and are a beacon of light for this community. So is Firefighter Shelly Watson planning on going anywhere? “I see myself being with the department for many years to come, whether in an administrative position, or not doesn’t matter to me. I do enjoy my current position as Treasurer however.” Well Firefighter Shelly Watson we are glad you are here, we hope you stay for years to come. Congratulations on being this month’s Devine Volunteer fire and Rescue department’s Firefighter of the month!