Tucky to the Rescue

I hit my knee really hard on a big heavy piece of furniture this morning, and I howled like a coyote.
Soon I heard the pitter patter of feet hurrying up the hallway toward me. It was little Tucker, flying so fast his oversized shirt looked like a superhero cape.
“I help you!” he yelled heroically, seeing me holding my knee.
He quickly fell to his knees and said “I’ll kiss it mommy!”
As he kissed my throbbing knee, he clumsily bonked his forehead on my knee cap too. Poor baby, he came up with a tear in his eye saying, “My head, my head hurt.”
So I kissed it and he kissed and hugged my knee again. I’ve said It before and I’ll say it again… kisses for an aching boo-boo really do work some magic.
The next best thing to that is a back rub from your mama or grandma or someone who loves you so dearly. My kids have certainly grown to love mama’s back rubs. So when I come home from a long press day and my back and neck ache like the dickens, it’s them asking me to give them a massage, and of course, sometimes I’d like for it to be the other way around. But then I remember the way my grandma would rub my back with her magic gentle hands or the way my mom would rub and massage my feet and legs before 6 am track practice, and I know that a mama’s massaging or back rubbing is so comforting — because it’s filled with so much love.