Tax rate and budget hearings coming up

Been a wet summer and that is a good thing. In fact, it’s raining today (Monday) and it looks like it’s gonna keep the grass alive for at least another week. Take a picture of your fields/yard and compare it to next year or last year, if you have one.
Ruben Gonzales, our Veterans Service Officer, gave us a report on the activity happening in his office. The numbers are up over $6 million in the form of money provided to Veterans in our area that had their status improved as a result of Ruben and his staffs’ knowledge of the system.
We gave the final approval to the Agape South Subdivision located in Pct. 4 south of Devine near the DPS weigh station on the southbound side of IH 35.
We are advertising for sealed bids for materials and services provided to Medina County as we do each year. If this applies to you or your business, contact Medina County for more information.
We also advertised for sealed bids on roof repair for 18 County buildings that sustained roof damage and are in need of replacement or repair.
A couple of dates that some might want to remember; August 26th – Tax Rate discussed and Public Hearing dates set…September 9th – Budget Hearing at Commissioners Court (may be in the new Annex if it’s ready and we have moved in)…September 23rd – Tax Rate adopted in Commissioners Court.
Couple of fun facts: there are 4 unpaved roads in Pct. 4, CR 6614 is not a Private Road, La Coste is in Pct. 2, residents in Devine and Natalia city limits pay County taxes too (believe it or not) and…….based on last year’s Tax Rate and the increased Appraised Value originating in the Appraisal Office, not Commissioners Court….evvabody’s taxes went up. (See preceding paragraph)
Everyone is aware of the fact that Commissioners Court has no oversight or influence concerning the Appraised Values in Medina County…we just fund the Office. This is why you can protest your valuation if you file it in time…too late this year.
We have gotten several calls for weeds obstructing the view at several intersections…same with low hanging limbs. We address these as we find them or are made aware of their location. The rain has done wonders for the trees and plants and other living things. A phone call works wonders.