Subdivision gets preliminary approval

No rain to speak of yet. Our chances are good this week but, I think that the predictions are just so that the weatherman can keep his job. Too many people responding to the panic created by the media. And what’s with all you people buying up all the toilet paper? Don’t worry, everybody has a drawer full of mismatched socks….problem solved and they are reusable. Dang hysteria has forced us to cancel our get-away trip we had planned for April.

The contractors have begun with the demolition at the site of the new Courthouse Annex in Hondo and it’s good to see some progress after years of planning.

A new subdivision (Devine Trails Subdivision) consisting of 8 lots out on CR 773 was given preliminary approval this past week. Has potential but other than the usual hunting restrictions on lots of less than 10 acres, water connections and on site sewer facilities (septic tanks), there are no other restrictions on things like types of structures allowed or prohibited.

Other than renewing contracts, approving road closures, appointing members to various boards and other highly interesting items, not a lot of interest was done. Sorry but, sometimes these meetings are just boring as….all get out.

Coming home from SA on Friday, I got curious seeing all those 18-wheeled trucks on the highway and the endless line of white lights headed north. I counted 118 of them during my trip from Lytle to the Devine exit. Guess USMCA is working. Think I’ll move to Terlingua when I retire…getting to be too much traffic and too many people.

Things are coming together at our new location…phones and computers are switched from rabbit-ear antenna to fiber optics. Well is on line and storage tanks will be filled soon. Equipment has been serviced and repairs made. Starting the preliminary work on CR 765…boom shredding the edges and installing culverts to accommodate widening the road (we’re getting there Ruth).

We have a meeting in Hondo the 19th with AACOG representatives to address the illegal dumping countywide and the possible solutions…including prosecuting some of those inconsiderate folks who bless us with their trash.

Need rain…pray for it. Use common sense with this virus stuff…there appears to be a great need for this nowadays.