Stroud and Korczynski spread kindess along their paths

Daddy always said, “When you see Lewis Stroud wearing pants, you’ll know it’s finally winter time!”
Lewis Stroud dropped by the news office Monday at the same time as UPS driver Wes Korczynski pulled up, so I couldn’t resist sharing this weather lesson because as you can see Wes hadn’t gotten the memo from Stroud that it was winter and 29 degrees outside!
All kidding aside, they both spread so much kindness everywhere they go with their big hearts, smiles and friendly hellos. A much appreciated part of a small town are gentlemen like these who help take care of the townspeople, especially the young or young at heart who need a warm smile or a friendly hello. During the pandemic we all have gotten to appreciate a friendly face and conversation more than ever.
Good job Warhorses, you both learned well from your parents how to treat others, and have shown many just how it’s done.
And they might just share a few cinnamon rolls or doggie treats along the way.
By K.K. Calame