Smuggler crashes into elderly woman’s home;
12-14 people bail and run through her house to escape

Authorities said the woman in her 80’s was knocked over as illegal immigrants bailed out inside her home. Of the estimated 12-14, seven were captured.

MEDINA COUNTY–A pursuit that began on I-35 ended up in a scary incident as a smuggler’s truck crashed into the home of an elderly woman this past Tuesday, April 12.
“The vehicle crashed through the garage door, pushed a pool table through a sliding glass door, and then 12-14 illegal immigrants bailed out and started running through the house,” Sheriff Randy Brown said.
“We believe they knocked her over, and the homeowner was checked out by EMS, “ Sheriff Brown said. “It’s really sad what’s happening. We used to have a few chases a year, and now we have them every day. Thankfully this woman in her 80’s wasn’t injured, but it could have been really bad.”
The chase came off of I-35 and then went up the access road near Love’s before heading down a long driveway leading to the woman’s home outside Natalia. Seven of the estimated 12-14 illegal immigrants were captured and turned over to Border Patrol. Unfortunately the smuggler was able to escape.
“These smugglers and IA’s are destroying property every day, stealing vehicles and running through fences, crashing through gates,” Sheriff Brown said.
And he notes, that Medina County has already seen two fatalities this year from pursuits of smugglers.
“There was a fatality in a chase that went out past Calame Store a few months ago near Devine, and there was also a roll over that happened in Hondo near the Cowboy Church a few months ago that ended in a fatality,” Sheriff Brown said.