Salvadorian Bailout turns into all day
ordeal running through City of Devine

The case in Devine which began with a bailout involving ten suspects in the early morning hours, finally wrapped up with two final apprehensions in Devine near the end of the day. One suspect was in someone’s apartment sitting in the recliner when officers walked in, Devine PD said.

A suspect hauling 10 illegal immigrants from El Salvador was spiked as it came flying into Devine around 8:45 in the morning, but the suspects continued on quite a wild ride resulting in an hours-long ordeal this past Monday, March 13.
“DPS spiked the vehicle in front of their office on Hwy 132, but the pursuit continued, veering off to the left, going through the Shell gas station parking lot, then onto East Hondo Avenue near four corners, and down several city streets until the car eventually came to a stop,” Devine PD Chris Andrews said.
The bailout finally happened along the railroad tracks north of Dilley Street (across from Savannah’s Carwash).

“There’s barbwire from all over Frio County under this pickup truck,” said one landowner in Bigfoot/Moore after repairing fences this truck busted through. This bailout was going on in Moore, the night before the search on Devine streets. The driver of this F250 ran through many fences on some of the same ranches that were hit twice in the past two weeks. Photo courtesy of Bryan Persyn.

“All ten of them jumped out and started running in all directions. Some of them ran at least a mile,” Lieutenant Andrews said. “We captured eight of them, with some who ran as far as Fox Run/Libold that morning.”
One local resident, Ms. Bales, spotted the two men around 9 AM, and another local resident captured this photo several hours later of one of the same suspects she spotted, wearing red clothes and a mohawk as he was taken into custody.
“This morning I called 911. I saw two young men running through my front yard, jumped over my 6 foot privacy fence, through my back yard and then out my back gate.”
The search for people who bailed out occupied the departments time from 8:45 AM- Noon, and again from 1:45PM-5PM , when they were back at it, searching for the other two men who were still unaccounted for.
One of the subjects was found in an apartment on Malone Drive. When we walked in he was sitting in the recliner eating potato chips. The second man was found hiding in a shed on Howard Drive. “We just handed them over to Border Patrol a few minutes ago,” Lieutenant Andrews said around 5 pm.
Most of the subjects claimed to be from El Salvador and a couple from Honduras, according to Devine PD.