Property values in Devine continue trending up

The market value and taxable value of property in Devine continues to rise, bringing an increase in property tax levies as well.

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Medina County Chief Appraiser Johnette Dixon was on hand at the Devine City Council meeting last Tuesday, August 17 to review the 2021 appraisal roll as well as the Appraisal District’s 2022 budget.
According to Dixon, the total market value of property in Devine in 2021 is $255,975, 696 up from $229,905,407 in 2020.
“That’s an increase of $26 million, which shows an 11 point, almost 34 percent increase over last year’s values,” Dixon said.
The total market value of property in Devine has risen $51 million and 25.55 percent since 2017, when it was $204,470,3146.
The taxable value, which is the figure left after all property tax exemptions have been taken out, is $228,788,580 in 2021, up from $207,891,221 in 2020, an increase of 10.05 percent and nearly $21 million.
Dixon said the total taxable value of new improvements and new personal properties is $983,002.
District 2 Councilwoman Angela Pichardo asked if it was possible for the Appraisal District to provide a breakdown between residential and commercial properties, and Dixon said she could try.
“The reason I’m asking is so that the City has a clarification as to where our growth is happening,” Pichardo said.
Dixon said part of the growth is attributed to Devine’s new QuikTrip.
“That is part of your increase because that was new for this year,” Dixon said. “I don’t think we had it picked up at all last year. I think we picked up the full value this year on the building.”
Dixon also said that the Appraisal District will be conducting new appraisals in the Devine ISD school district area for 2022.
“So we’ll be looking at everything again here in the city of Devine, so I’m sure there will be some more increases,” Dixon said.
Appraisal District budget
Dixon presented the Appraisal District’s 2022 budget that was approved by its Board of Directors on Aug. 3.
Salaries for the 14 Appraisal District employees are $641,500, with an additional $75,000 vehicle allowance. Benefits, including health insurance, retirement, and other compensation, is $250,000. In all, salary and benefits is $966,500.
“There’s a cost of living increase for the employees, no merit raises,” Dixon said. “We have had an increase in our insurance, so we’ve had to raise the budget for that.”
Support and operating costs are $489,200, bringing the Appraisal District’s total budget to $1,455,700.
“We had more hearings this year than we’ve [ever] had,” Dixon said. “This year we sent out 31,000 notices. We have over 2,900 protests with over 500 hearings, which is more than we’ve ever had. Our hearings began on June 28 and we will wrap it up on August 24, so we’re looking at almost two months, six weeks, seven weeks of hearings that we’ve had, so we’ve had to have an increase in that portion of our budget that we’ve never had to increase that much.”

The City’s pro rata share of the Appraisal District’s 2022 budget is $20,572.45, up from $20,041.63 in 2021.
The City’s estimated 2022 property tax levy is $1,212,121.90, a 10.15 percent, approximately $110,000 increase from 2021’s $1,101.407.69.
“Over the [last] five years, it was a $270,000 increase for a 28 percent increase,” Dixon said. “So basically, we’re asking for 2.65 percent increase on our payments and bringing you in a 10 percent increase in revenue.”
A motion by District 5 Councilwoman Debra Randall and District 3 Councilman David Espinosa to approve the Appraisal District budget passed unanimously with the support of District 1 Councilman Rufino “Flipper” Vega, District 4 Councilwoman Kathy Lawler, and Pichardo.
A Special City Council meeting that included a budget workshop was scheduled for press night on Tuesday, Aug. 24.
By Marly Davis
Staff Writer