Pour it out

As always, we had lots of fun decorating Christmas lights this year. We are one of those families that seldom take the lights down, so every year involves repairing lights etc, so daddy got frustrated with the lights and passed the torch onto A’Dell this year. He handed her the reins and she did up our fence good with lots of creative designs. Later we added some to the roof and the trees, and wah-la we have a Christmas wonderland. As my mama always says “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”
Our toddler has really gotten into the spirit of Christmas lights too, and we go on a Christmas light walk around the yard most every night. As we look at the lights, he has gotten pretty good at telling me what color each light bulb is, which is funny because he has a long-standing refusal to identify colors. He has been pretty stubborn about learning his colors, or at least reciting them to us. And as my sister says, he is either color blind or he is just messing with us. It could be either, because he is quite the character. Maybe he is just trying to entertain us like we are trying to entertain him.
My little sister has been doing a lot of babysitting this year, and one day she told me “He is such a good boy, but when he gets bored he just starts pouring things out.” That’s a good way to describe Tucky boy. He loves to pour things out–whether it’s a bucket of a million toys or a basket of laundry–pouring is lots of fun.
That isn’t the only thing a wild toddler like him pours out though. He pours out lots and lots of kisses, hugs and love. Every morning and night, he kisses my left cheek, then turns my head to kiss my right cheek, and then leans up to kiss my forehead. And he won’t let daddy (who turns into a pumpkin at 9:00) go to bed without giving each of us a kiss and a hug.
Anyway, if you ever get bored, just walk around your house and start pouring things out…it sure gives Tucker a happy thrill. You’d be amazed how many things are sitting around your nice clean house just waiting for a wild spirited person to pour it out!