Natalia XC FEAST recap

Natalia Cross Country teams ran at the FEAST Invitational last Saturday morning. The Mustangs and Lady Mustangs continue their improvement as they prep for next month’s district competition.
“Our varsity girls are getting close to achieving their own personal goals as Kendall Tanner hit her record each week, battling through endless pain with an unfortunate condition,” stated Head Coach Kimberley Lane. “Meg Martinez is another runner who is getting better and better and I am extremely proud of both.”
Kendall ran a two-mile 16:46 and Meg ran 16:50.
The varsity Mustangs are making great strides as well early in the season.
“Devin Chapa, Logan Chapa, and Denton Nelson had personal records Saturday,” Lane continued. “Devin and Logan feed off each other as one’s desire is to catch big brother and the others’ is to compete at Regional as the best team! Whatever the case, our goals are big and with hard work, we will get there.”
Devin ran a three-mile 19:41, while Logan came in at 19:45 and Denton at 20:20.
Aside from the Chapas, Nelson is working his way into race-shape as well.
Lane stated, “Denton is a ‘newbie’ pulled from the fast speed of track life. He has adapted quickly and is willing to work to get better!”
Injury bugs hit every runner at some point in the season, and it can temporarily set back what a runner wants to achieve in the short-term. Cross Country allows for some early season injuries to heel in order to achieve great things as the season rolls along.
“When we have everyone well and injury free, the potential to do great things is there,” Lane said enthusiastically.
JV Mustangs
Devin McDole set a new personal record by over a minute and continues to impress Lane. Lane is thankful to have David Rodriguez and Joseph Gonzalez on board as well as they joined up for the first time this season. Lane is hopeful of what they can do to help her team this year.
Devin paced himself at 22:29 and Daniel Tristan came in at 24:17.
JV Lady Mustangs
Lane said her Lady Mustang JV squad all earned their season PR this morning saying, “Freshman Karianna Sanchez is showing great promise for us and her positive attitude and work ethic is exactly what is needed on these early Saturday morning runs.
Abbi Thompson, Jasmine Riso, and Karianna make up our JV squad and I’m hopeful to see growth from each one weekly.”
Karianna finished in 18:01 while Jasmine came in at 22:10 and Abbi at 22:36.
Up next
All Natalia Cross Country teams have September 11 weekend off the course. They travel to Ingram for their next meet on September 18.
By Jerel Beaty
Staff Writer