Mission Devine volunteers at work this week

Mission Devine volunteers are busy helping neighbors this week who need a helping hand during their 15th Annual Mission Devine Week June 10-15. There are 24 projects slated for the week all over Devine, and in the surrounding outlying area, including three in Natalia at an estimated cost of $20,000 to include all the project supplies, and volunteer shirts, and signage. Projects range in size from $25, $235, $700, $1,500 upwards to $2,500.
Some of the projects taking place include ones like these for example ( in no order):
Project 1- Drainage issues. Repair ceiling in the bedroom. Replace hand rail on the front steps. Remove bath tub and replace with a handicapped shower. Replace toilet with handicapped toilet.
Project 2- Back deck is old and started rotting.
Project 3 – Needs a wooden crosswalk between two buildings.
Project 4 – Roof replacement or central air replaced
Project 5 – Tree Trimming
Project 6 – Replace windows and rotten boards. Build ramp on back porch for handicapped entry.
Project 7 – Ramp on front of house. Had surgery will need ramp as soon as possible.
Project 8 – Electricity/plu Roof needs repairs mbing/paint house/ replace windows, hot water heater is an issue.
Project 9 – Yard, trees. Fence painting, house painting, repair step.
Project 10 – Back wall of kitchen needs repairing as well as floor in kitchen. It is unleveled and not stable. Repair window and paint home.
If you would like to see the volunteers in action look for the Mission Devine signs around town.
If you would like to volunteer show up in the mornings at St. Joseph Catholic Church Hall before 7:30 a.m. for breakfast. Crews leave by 8:00 a.m. for the work projects with their teams. They break for lunch at 12 noon back at St. Joseph’s Hall. The Methodist Church hosts Vacation Bible School during the same week so drop off the children and head over to St. Joseph’s to volunteer one hour, one day or the week. The meals are provided by the local churches and a group of kitchen volunteers.
For questions call Mission Devine Coordinator Patrick Bourcier at 830-931-1532.
Or visit their facebook or website at missiondevine.org which stats:
Business Supports Mission Devine:
Signs are going up! We appreciate our sponsors who help make Mission Devine possible.
Thank You, Sponsors! For the past 15 years, you have been there with us every step of the way and have helped hundreds of our neighbors and families
To demonstrate and portray the love of Jesus Christ in a visible and tangible manner, to the people of the Devine Texas area, through benevolence projects, with a particular focus on home repair and property improvement.
Non Profit
Home Repairs and Renovations
We do home repairs and renovations for our neighbors who are elderly, disabled, veterans, single-parent families and others with special needs. For those who can not otherwise afford such repairs or renovations. We do this at no cost to the homeowner.
Since 2005
Community Volunteers
Organized Mission Devine in 2005 to bring the community together. Volunteers, churches, government and business — to lend a helping hand to those in need when otherwise help seems out of reach. What’s happened in the Devine area over the past years, culminating in the events of the selected week in June, is truly a model for how this process can work effectively,”
What People say about us
From the Mayor of Devine
“Mission Devine is a great example of the meaning of Christian partnership and community service; it is a reminder that Americans are at their best when their neighbors are in need. We, as local Church’s, local government, corporate partners and private citizens are grateful for the generosity of these volunteers and are proud to work by their side,” said Mayor Bill Herring.