Meet chefs Peng and Po at new restaurant Natalia Thai Chinese & Fah

Peng and Po, owners of Natalia Thai Chinese & Fah, serve up everything from beef and broccoli to sesame chicken, lemon chicken, or crab meat rangoons. They also have many flavors of tea. Photo by Andre Hernandez.

The Southwestern Queen’s famous name lives through her town’s newest restaurant. Natalia Thai Chinese & Fah, established in the fall of this year, opens the door to a world of cuisine; offering international dishes crafted throughout decades. Decorated with ornaments of Asian culture, there is wonder within the food; a story behind each serving.
Peng & Po, owners of Natalia Thai Chinese & Fah, started their lives in South East Asia. Their journey to America led them to a life behind the grill as early as eighteen years old, gaining culinary experience with each job at hand.
From head chefs to restaurant owners their passion soon led them to create a premier restaurant in Bexar County, winning the Blue Plate award of 2015 for perfect sanitation. Soon it was time to set a new opportunity into motion, owning both a restaurant as well as the foundation that their hard working restaurant rest on. They discovered a hidden gem resting on Highway 132 North and when Peng & Po’s relocation from San Antonio to Natalia became reality, loyal customers showed continual support, visiting for meals to this very day; along with great food lies a connection between their restaurant and the community they serve.
The steaming kitchen is open for lunch and dinner time, glad to serve an outstanding Lo-Mein Chicken dish. Those fond of spice are recommended to dine in on the Hot Pepper pork, a plate that stole heat from the Texas sun.
“The food was great! We tried it for the first time this week and we love the new variety it brings to this area,” said KK Calame. “We loved the Chicken Mushroom stir-fry, and the Beef and Broccoli. The spring rolls were delicious too!”
Natalia Thai Chinese and Fah offers simple, classic dishes ranging from Beef and Broccoli to Sesame Chicken. Compliment your meal with some crispy Crab Meat Rangoons or a fresh set of Spring Rolls and refresh yourself in the many flavors of boba tea. There is a bite for everybody but Chef recommends it is best to hurry because, “when we open for dinner there is rarely an empty seat.”
Natalia Thai Chinese and Fah seems to be the beginning of a new page in this town’s story, growing the community one business at a time.
By Andre Hernandez
Devine News Correspondent