Love fund for “Papa” Jeff Friesenhahn

Family and friends of Jeff and Melinda Friesenhahn are hosting a fundraiser for the family. The Friesenhans have been big supporters of our community and our youth, and we know the community would love to help them out in their time of need.
The following message was posted on their Go Fund Me Account where you can donate:
Dear Friends and Family of our Devine Community,
As many of you know Jeff Friesenhahn suffered a stroke on Friday October 30, 2020. It has been a slow and very scary recovery, but day by day, and with lots of prayers, he is steadily making improvements. His amazing wife Melinda, and two children, Misty and Chad have never left his side. They continue to help him fight every day. Jeff, Melinda, and their families have contributed to this community so much over the years, and now need your help and support in return. We have decided to start a “Go Fund Me” account in Jeff’s name. We appreciate any donation, no matter how large or small. The funds from this benefit will help Melinda commute back and forth to San Antonio on a daily basis, and allow her to spend the necessary time away from work that is needed to remain by Jeff’s side.
We sincerely appreciate everyone’s thoughts, prayers, and contributions, and we look forward to having “Papa” (as the adoring grandkids refer to him) back home as soon as we can. We also know he is missed, loved, and being prayed for by his parents, brothers, sisters, and numerous extended family members and friends.
Thank you again, and God Bless you all.