Local EMT hospitalized after infection goes septic

A local EMT, Matt Husseman, is counting the days ‘til he can get back to work on the ambulance, after a sudden infection turned septic, leaving him hospitalized since November 5. After undergoing several surgeries, he is expected to be hospitalized for more than another month, so friends and fellow emergency service members are hosting a fundraiser for Matt and his family.
His wife Tonya, and their four children, Adam and Jay -9 years old, Casey- 8, and Olivia- 5, are holding down the fort at home in Medina County. Tonya shared his story with us.
“One day he just said he didn’t feel right,” Tonya said, “So we took him to urgent care, and it turned out that his white blood cell count was way high. That was October 26.”
“He was admitted to the hospital, and we have just been in and out of surgeries to get rid of the infection,” she adds. “They had to cut him on the beltline and down the legs….It ended up being a lot worse than what the doctor thought when he got in there. What was supposed to be a one-hour surgery ended up being five hours, and Matthew having to be on a wound VAC.”
After being released to go home, they had to call EMS again on November 5.
“He ended up septic,” Tonya said. “Matt was admitted again into the hospital and had surgery again, and then got placed back on a wound VAC. They moved him to a recovery center and that is where he is now.”

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Thankfully they caught the septic infection in the beginning stages, but they have a long road ahead of them. Matt isn’t expected to be released until February.
Matt has a condition called HS (or Hidradenitis Suppurativa), which had flared up and is possibly what resulted in the infection of sweat glands or hair follicles.
“Matthew is an amazing (step) dad to my four children. What I admire most about Matthew is not only the love for my kids, but he treats them as his own. MATTHEW is someone who will help you without a doubt, without a question,” Tonya said.
Husserman, described by family as “a happy guy with a big heart,” has been an EMT for many years, and will celebrate ten years in the profession as of this coming March.
When asked what he loved about his job, Matt commented, “The best thing about being an EMT is being there for people when they need someone the most.”
On that note, a friend who created a GoFundMe fundraiser account for the family, stated, “It’s looking like it’ll be some time before our good friend is back on the ambulance. With four kids, a wife, and Christmas right around the corner – it’s a stressful time to be out of work. He’s currently bed bound at the hospital as we speak. Let’s come together to help take care of the stresses at home, so the Hussemans can focus on Matt’s recovery.”
If you would like to support the family with a donation you may drop off a Christmas toy donation for the family’s children at the Devine EMS Station or contact Tonya at 210-737-7750.