Lima bean lemonade

So I decided to cook some lima beans last night, much to my daughter’s dismay. She was not impressed and turned her nose up at them before she ever tasted them. I gave her what couldn’t have amounted to more than two teaspoons full anyway, thinking she would like it if she actually gave lima beans a chance.
Yeah…..right. It turned into an extra long supper. As I tried to feed the baby, I noticed that A’Dell was making some quick movements around her plate. I couldn’t quite tell what she was doing, but I figured she was probably trying to hide her lima beans somehow. I watched her from the corner of my eye (and the eyes in the back of my head) but I could not figure it out. I could tell by the way she was acting that she was up to no good though.
When she claimed she was finished, I finally got up and went over there to inspect her plate. I started to look around and there I found her lima beans….some floating and the rest had sunk to the bottom of her drink….they were hidden beneath the ice cubes.
She’s a sneaky one. So then of course she got to eat lima bean lemonade instead. That was fun.
I guess it runs in the family, because as I was telling my mother about A’Dell’s antics that night, mom told me “Well I used to pay my brother to eat my vegetables sometimes.”
I guess I have that sort of thing to look forward to as baby brother grows up.