Investigation underway after an elderly man perished in his house

An investigation is underway after firefighters found human remains when responding to a call of a house that went up in flames in Lytle as crews responded around 4:00 a.m. last Thursday, April 8, 2021 in the 15400 block of Old Frio City Road just outside Lytle towards LaCoste.
An investigation is underway after an elderly man couldn’t escape his burning home, flames reportedly could be seen for miles and miles. Lytle Fire Department responded along with Bexar County Fire to the call which came in shortly before 4:00 a.m. that morning. Firefighters found the house was fully engulfed in flames when they got there. The roof of the one bedroom cabin collapsed while the fire spread to a shed and a car nearby.
The house was completely engulfed, and the damage was so severe, it was considered a total loss..
A mother and her daughter were taken by EMS to University Hospital to be checked out. Unfortunately an elderly family member Glen Noel, 84 was “unaccounted for,” and according to family friends they believe he perished inside. Investigators did find human remains at the scene and are trying to identify the body. The Bexar County Medical Examiner’s Office will make the determination.
When firefighters arrived at the home Thursday morning, they found the home totally engulfed in flames and Noel’s car out front.
The cause of the fire is not unknown at this time, but an investigation is underway by Bexar County Fire Department..
Friends, coworkers considered Glenn like family
Many will remember Glen Noel for his friendly and compassionate way. Just a few months ago he spent hours in the cold, day after day filling propane bottles during the crazy February winter storm that left many without power for days. He stayed until 11 pm some nights filling propane bottles to help as many people as he could from all over South Texas. The cars lined up for blocks awaiting their turn for propane.

“Glenn was a good guy, as good as they come, and smart as a whip!”, said Bob Roberts, Jr. “Glenn retired in Lytle from Kelly Field where he was an aeronautical engineer. After his retirement he came to the feed store (Lytle Feed/ Lytle Propane) every morning, as it was a great place to hang out and visit with people. After a couple of years dad finally gave him a key, and he showed up every day around 4-5 a.m, started the coffee pot, read the newspaper and caught up on the world news. Finally one day when we were short of employees so dad hired him and he has been working for us about since, about 25 years now. Glenn was in his 80s but worked hard and still came in every day. We adapted the facilities, and bought a lawn mower from him to drive back and forth to the end of the block to access our other buildings, and built a special ramp to the dock so he could drive it up there to get to things. He was a hard worker and enjoyed what he did. He always took care of those he loved, a very caring and giving person. He lived in a one bedroom cabin, a simple man. It is a shame he died this way. We will miss him greatly”, said Bob Jr. “We knew it had to be him in the house. His car was out front, he wasn’t answering his cell phone, and he wasn’t at work. It was so sad, so frustrating.”
Friends and colleagues of Patriot Gas (formerly Lytle Propane) said during an interview that the victim was a veteran who proudly served our country as well as the community of Lytle and the surrounding areas. Bob Roberts Sr., Debby Maingot, and Amanda Schneider worked with the victim who they considered “family” and will miss him greatly as many others will too.
“Glen was just an outstanding gentleman that was as loyal as he could be,” Bob Roberts said.
“He is one of the most generous, loyal, helpful people I have ever met,” Amanda Schneider added. “He will be missed very much.”
Officials have not released the victim’s name. But friends believe it to be Glen Noel.
“He is not just someone who works here,” Schneider said. “He is our family.”
They said Noel served in Vietnam, where he worked on spacecraft engines.
“He is 84 years old, and he was here until 11 p.m. filling bottles for people so they wouldn’t be cold,” Debby Maingot said about his work ethic. “I would say we all have questions. We all wonder what happened. How was it that he didn’t get out of the house?”
They will deeply miss Noel. “You cherish the moments you have with people,” Schneider added. “You tell the people you love them (that) you love them. You never know when it is going to be the last time.”
Investigators reportedly will be using all kinds of technology, including potentially drones, to help determine a cause.
By Kathleen Calame