Here it is

I decided to give my house a good sweeping and mopping yesterday (you know the kind where you actually move all the furniture and sweep underneath it instead of around it). Well, of course the Swiffer spraying mop is an object of affection for little Tucker. So he wanted to help. The only problem is he loves to push the spray button more than he likes to actually mop it up. So instead of a mopped floor, I was left with an extremely soapy floor, ready to be mopped.
In the spirit of Tom Sawyer, I threw down two paper towels and began “skating” around to finish up the mopping job. Before I knew it, we were all skating around, and now my floor is so clean you can eat off of it. I told that to my husband and he said he’d just take my word for it.
In our deep cleaning, we also cracked the Case of the Missing Cantaloupe. It had disappeared one gloomy night into the deep abyss of a laundry basket, apparently. When we found it, it wasn’t so pretty. Couldn’t imagine what kindred soul would have stuck the cantaloupe at the bottom of a laundry basket, buried in clothes. Thank you, Tucky, for being completely unpredictable and keeping life rather interesting.
He has a wild side, that’s for sure, but he is as sweet as he is rough. Every night, as he falls asleep I lay next to him and we hold hands. Usually, I ask him to, but I guess I was a little preoccupied in my thoughts the other night and I didn’t. Before I knew it, I heard him say “Here it is. Here is mom,” as he reached for me.
“Here is what?” I asked.
“My hand, don’t you want to hold my hand?” he replied in the cutest voice EVER.
“Yes Tucky, yes I do.”
Well, if you have had kids around the house and you are missing fruit, you know where to look.