Freshman Arabians beat D’Hanis

The Freshman Arabians move to 16-2 after beating D’Hanis on Tuesday night. They played hard and fast against the smaller school. They faced Books Academy on Tuesday and will face Fox Tech in their last game of the season. The Freshman team have proved they can compete at this level and will make great additions to the upper teams. Against D’Hanis they took the first set 25-77 and were even stronger in the second to win it 25-8.
Kills: Yancy Parson 1, Kelsey Dishman 1, Denise Contreras 6, MaKayla Rivera 2, MacKayla Schnautz 7, Avery Mobley 5. Digs: Parson 4, Dishman 3, Contreras 2, Rivera 3, Schnautz 2, Mobley 1. Aces: Parson 1, Contreras 3, Rivera 5, Schnautz 4, Mobley 6.
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer