Food Distribution Aug. 16 & planning committee for Moore Monster Mash meeting Aug. 18

The Moore Community Improvement Club met on August 4th at the Moore Community Center and discussed our schedule and goals for the next couple of months.
First order of business was a quick Summer Fest recap! We raised a total of $5,463 from Summer Fest and walked away with $4,988. We opened the floor for discussion about what we can improve on for next year to make it even better. If you would like to give your input or would like a breakdown on the fundraiser, please reach out to any of our club officers or attend our meetings which are open to all. With that being mentioned, we are looking for a replacement for our secretary! If you are interested in that position, please reach out to Shelley Delgado (210.889.9350) for more information, please note that requirements and eligibility may apply.
Next, we moved on to discuss the logistics of our notorious Halloween celebration, our Moore Monster Mash. We decided it would be in the best interest for our members if we split into a planning committee that will be meeting on August 18th at 7 PM. If you are only interested in helping us plan for this event we welcome you with open arms and are excited for any and all of your participation.
The last thing we discussed was the establishment of something new for our local high school seniors in Moore, The Moore Community Improvement Club’s Scholarship Fund! We are so excited to extend our membership to a new generation who hold the future of Moore in the palm of their hands. If you would like to apply, or if you would like to donate, please continue to look out for more information as we are trying to quickly finalize everything.
The San Antonio Food Bank and Frio County will have a Food Distribution Monday, August 16th at 1:30pm. Anyone wishing to volunteer with the food distribution should contact Rosa Cubriel or Claudia Studervant.
Our next Monthly Meeting will be on September 1st at 7 PM and our first Moore Monster Mash committee meeting will be held on August 18th at 7 PM.
If you have any issues or concerns, we are here to help! Follow us on Facebook (Moore Community News) for 24/7 updates and community information. Stay safe!