Ehlinger has gotten The Devine News mailed to her home for 70+ years!

Mrs. June Ehlinger, of Devine, said that her household has been getting The Devine News delivered to her home since about 1950 when she and Arthur got married.

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“The Devine News has always been a standard reading in our home. In the olden days my mother and I loved reading the columns about happenings to local people in the surrounding areas, including Bigfoot where we lived. Miss Minnie Briscoe, Mrs. Melott and Mrs. DuBose are ones that I remember. I’m sure there were others.

“I was born at my Grandma Coble’s country home in Poteet. I went to a one room school in Schattel, TX and then to the Bigfoot School. I went to high school in Devine where I graduated in 1948. It was always great seeing our pictures and school activities posted in the paper.”

“Of course the most enjoyment I got was reading about my own kids when they were going to school. I also worked over 21 years for the school and attended many sports activities that were always covered by our Devine News. I also got to read articles about my grandchildren who participated in band, sports and academic functions. During the years I worked at school, I especially loved my golf girls; they were great kids and fierce competitors, and the write-ups in the paper reflected that.”

“When I first get the newspaper, I always speed read the whole paper first, and then read it more closely. I especially like reading Joyce Word’s recipe column and Kathleene Runnel’s articles about some of our area people. To all the DuBose family who has made The Devine News a great family friendly paper, I thank you. You are a great family. To all those people who do not get the newspaper– you are missing out on a lot of local information about your friends and your town.”

Referring to the photo, her daughter Nancy Saathoff adds, “This is where mom usually sits for her first reading of The Devine News, “by the window to watch the cows and birds, and by her late husband’s picture and her Bible.  “Then for her second and other readings of the paper, she sits at the table, with reading glasses on, to go through it thoroughly, and cuts out recipes, articles, and pictures to keep or share with others.”

“When her grandkids were in school she always read anything and everything to do with the schools, sports, band, dance classes, scouts, etc and would cut out the articles and pictures and give them to her kids. She has done this for many years,” adds daughter Nancy Saathoff.

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