Easter Bunny Assistant

We had Easter a little early this year so we could spend more time together rather than rushing off to other gatherings on the big day. I think it’s safe to say, our kids have no shortage of candy. I did remember to order some of the eggs filled with toy dinosaurs so there isn’t so much candy, but of course, there’s still too much. Funny thing is the kids and adults probably love the colorful hardboiled eggs just as much.
Grandma stuffed a few golden eggs with $10’s and even a $20, so that ensured the teenage grandchild enjoyed the hunt as much as the toddlers. We were at my mom’s house which has a big glass window and as I was helping the Easter Bunny hide eggs (sneakily I thought), I turned around to see our two toddlers standing at the window staring right at me laughing. So Aunt Brittany assured them I was just helping the Easter Bunny that day. Because you know “his legs are not that long and he gets so tired of hopping everywhere in one day.”
Mom, aunt, sister, fairy God mother, Rapunzel, I have a lot of titles….and you can add Easter Bunny Assistant to that list, officially.