Easing into 2020

Only 40 calls for service this past week, we sure are easing into 2020. Total traffic stops came in at 47, with 26 citations being issued and 21 warnings.
Only one arrest, Capt. Reyes stopped a guy for a traffic violation. It was discovered he had a felony warrant out of Nolan Co. (Sweetwater) for drugs.
Property crimes reported in the past week was on the lighter side. A Blume Dr. resident reported that a family member took a vehicle without permission. The vehicle was recovered a short time later in Live Oak. A business owner on Railroad St. reported some illegal dumping in their dumpster. He was right; it looked like Santa’s fully loaded sleigh crashed head first into his dumpster. A mini storage owner reported that somebody tried to cut his lock off a unit, no entry was made. A Harbour St. resident reported that somebody attempted to pry open their front door, entry was not made.
Officers conducted an emergency mental health detention at the Camino Real Crisis Center, the detained person was transported to Southwest General Hospital.
One of our residents was the target of a scam over the weekend. He was told his electrical meter was being upgraded, but he hadn’t paid the required fee. He was told he wouldn’t have any power, the caller gave him another number to call and he was given payment options. Yes, they wanted about $1000 bucks to be sent by Western Union. He got smart and called AEP directly and they told him it was a scam. These scammers are always finding ways to get your money….when in doubt, slow down and do your own calling from numbers you know are valid.
On a personal note….On Saturday, Jan. 11 my wife and I celebrated 20 years of marriage. We had a cool vow renewal ceremony; it’s really hard to believe my wife has put up with my nonsense all these years. I thank God for keeping us on the right path. My brother-in-law performed the ceremony, he is well qualified. He has his PhD, is the Pastor of Pine Forest Baptist Church in Onalaska and the best qualification of all is that he was free. Yes, I was married on Tuesday, Jan. 11, 2000. I still owned a restaurant so the weekends were too busy. I couldn’t do it on Monday the 10th because we had a city council meeting and as a new Chief of Police, I couldn’t really miss one of those so we settled on Tuesday.
Well it’s about that time again…..I’m talking about city elections. I care about my city so I have a questionnaire I give to each person running for a position on city council. It is pretty simple, only one question: “Do you want to fire me?” I then give them the option to check “yes” or “no”….like the George Strait song.