Devine ISD employee raises, added stipends approved; more updates to come in July

This past June 12, 2019 Devine ISD board members met for a Special Meeting, and approved local raises.
The agenda stated “The Superintendent shall recommend an annual compensation plan for all District employees. The compensation plan may include wage and salary structures, stipends, benefits, and incentives. The recommended plan shall support District goals for hiring and retaining highly qualified employees. The Board shall review and approve the compensation plan to be used by the District.”
The teacher salary schedule is the same with a starting salary with no experience at $44,000 with thirty $500 step increments.
Stipends added are a Behavioral Unit Teacher stipends, Lead Diagnostician stipend, and a Robotics Sponsor stipend.
The Life Skills teacher stipend was increased $500 to $1,000.
The teacher steps, adjustments, and a raise of 2% of midpoints on all other tables will cost approximately $190,000. The stipends are approximately $360,000.
According to Devine ISD, “The budget was adopted off of what is now old law because that is what was in place at that time.  The salaries and budget will be updated as more guidance becomes available from TEA regarding HB3.  The Finance Director is in Austin this week and she will have updates at a called meeting to be held before July 15, 2019.”
Carl Brown moved and seconded by Keri James to Adopt Salary Schedules, Stipends and Employee Compensation Package for 2019-20 School Year as presented.  Motion carried unanimously, 6-0.
The July board meeting date was changed to July 22, 2019 as presented.