Several Devine ISD employees go into quarantine after one has direct exposure

Devine ISD is informing parents and staff this evening that a staff member has had direct contact with a confirmed COVID-19 patient. The staff member with exposure has been at the DSAC every day this past week.

The staff member is now in quarantine along with other staff members who have been working in close proximity to the employee.

The following statement was sent out today:

“Devine ISD has been notified that an employee of our district has had direct exposure to an individual who recently tested positive for COVID-19. Out of respect for the privacy of this individual and their family members, the District is not able to provide additional information about the situation at this time.”

“The staff member is currently self-quarantining at home, is not displaying any symptoms of the virus, and has not tested positive for the virus. In order to be extremely cautious in terms of the safety and health of all employees and community, employees that have worked in close proximity with the quarantining employee have been asked to step away from all district responsibilities for 14 days.”

“Although the Medina County Health Department confirmed that keeping the other employees away from duties was not a recommendation and not required, the district is instituting measures that go above and beyond the recommended.”

“Devine ISD can confirm that this employee was at the DSAC each day this week. All facilities are being deeply sanitized, and preventative treatments are being performed. Although schools and offices have been closed since March 6 and remain closed at this time, all Devine ISD employees and students are instructed to continue to follow CDC guidelines and recommendations and to practice social distancing.”

“Based on the information that we have gathered, it has been determined that the end of the 14-day incubation period for anyone possibly exposed on campus to the staff member is April 17.”

“Please continue to monitor your health, follow the CDC guidelines for people who have had close contact , and contact your primary care physician if you develop symptoms.”

“Devine ISD is continuing to monitor this situation and will provide additional information as needed. The health and safety of our community, students, and staff is our utmost concern! We will weather this storm, and each and every one of you is in our hearts.”