Devine ISD asking parents to take survey by July 20 – choose in school or remote learning for your child

Devine ISD is committed to providing rigorous, TEKS-based instruction to all students whether they attend school in-person or select a remote instructional setting. We recognize that this may be a challenging year, but we are embracing the opportunity to expand and maximize learning for all students. For the upcoming school year, Devine will offer remote/virtual and face-to-face on campus instruction for all students.  On July 8th, we will ask parents to complete the Devine ISD August 2020 Return to School Parent Survey for Instructional Setting to determine whether they will select remote learning or on campus in person instruction as their preferred method of instruction.

We ask that parents complete the method of instruction survey no later than Monday, July 20. Although parents are able decide up until two weeks before school starts, the administrators need to be able to assign teachers to students/classrooms as soon as possible. The sooner preliminary numbers are collected, the sooner necessary assignments can be made.  Once parents officially select a model, the student will remain in that setting until the end of the six-week grading period before a change can be made to a different setting.

The survey is only a tool to be used for planning purposes; Official commitment to instruction delivery method will be submitted at a later date.

Instruction will be comprised of these 3 options:

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Face-to-Face In-Person Instruction- in the classroom will be offered with health and safety measures that will meet and exceed guidelines from state agencies and health organization recommendations.

Remote Synchronous Instruction – Two-way, real-time/live, virtual instruction between teachers and students when students are not on campus. In this method, the required amount of instructional time is scheduled each day. Synchronous instruction is provided through a computer or other electronic device or over the phone. The instructional method must address the required curriculum, per TEC, §28.002.

Remote Asynchronous Instruction – Instruction that does not require having the instructor and student engaged at the same time. In this method, students learn from instruction that is not necessarily being delivered in-person or in real time. This type of instruction may include various forms of digital and online learning, such as prerecorded video lessons or game-based learning tasks that students complete on their own, and pre-assigned work and formative assessments made available to students on paper. The instructional method must address the required curriculum, per TEC, §28.002.

The detailed Devine ISD Plan for Instruction is in the final stages of development and is due to be released in the very near future.

Please know that the academic success and safety of our students is the primary mission of our faculty and staff. Everyone in every position at the district is taking pride in learning new methods and approaches to their jobs in order to meet the challenges created though the recent Covid19 pandemic.

Changes to School uniforms and Staff dress code on July 20 agenda

School uniforms and employee dress code will be addressed at the next school board meeting on July 20. Due to such uncertain times Devine ISD is considering adapting the dress codes of both the students and the staff at this meeting. They may not require the usual uniform and wanted to make sure citizens knew before going shopping.

So be sure to watch for the story in the July 22 Devine News for details and/or watch online.

Look on for further information.

Dr. Todd Grandjean, Ed.D

Superintendent Devine ISD