Devine and Natalia teacher and staff salary increases approved

Both of our local school districts (Devine and Natalia ISD) have been able to give salary increases thanks to HB3 funding. Natalia’s was approved on June 24, and Devine ISD’s raises were updated and released this week.
Devine ISD
Press Release- The Devine Board of Trustees met on July 8, 2019 to approve new salary tables for 2019-2020 school year. Salary increases for teachers, clerical/paraprofessional and auxiliary staff are a result of additional funding provided by the Texas Legislature.
What HB3 required
House Bill 3 provided additional revenue to the school district to be used specifically for wage increases. By law, seventy five (75%) of this total was earmarked specifically for teacher, counselor, nurse and librarian salary increases. The law also included a provision that teachers with more than 5 years of service must receive a higher increase than those with less than 5 years of service. The remaining twenty five (25%) could be used to provide salary increases to clerical/paraprofessional and auxiliary staff members.

What does this mean for Teachers?
Teachers will receive their regularly scheduled $500 step increase
Teachers with more than 5 years of service will receive a 7.5% salary increase
Teachers with 5 or less years of service will receive a 5.5% salary increase
What does this mean for other DISD staff?
Clerical/Paraprofessional, Auxiliary and Administrative/Professional staff will receive an increase in salary equal to 7% of the midpoint of their pay grade
For the 2019-2020 school year, any employee who reaches the maximum of their range will have the balance of their increase paid in a lump sum.
Director of Finance Shannon Ramirez worked diligently with the board to ensure that staff was rewarded as equitably as possible within the parameters provided by the legislature.

The Board appreciates the Legislature’s commitment to public education and especially the support this bill gives to our teachers. Teachers are an integral piece of our student’s lives, development and character and this salary increase is well deserved!
Natalia ISD raises can be found here: