Colts-Fillys XC hit the trails in Bandera

Devine Middle School Colts and Fillys ran their second meet of the season taking to the 1.5 mile trail at Bandera City Park. The middle school version of the Bulldog invitational included 208 boy and 227 girl competitors.
7th Colts
The 7th grade Colts came in 9th place as a team scoring 192 points.
Esia Sanchez led the 7th grade boys with a 32nd place, 12:33, while James Little was not too far behind at 39th place with a 12:55 out of 109 runners.
Jake Riou (40th-13:07), Alegandro Ramirez (41st-13:17), Jaden Rodriguez (56th-15:55), and Gage Whitaker (59th-16:27) rounded out the 7th grade squad.
7th Fillys
Zabella Garza led the way for the 7th grade Fillys, who due to only having four runners did not qualify for a team score. Zabella ran 12:56 which was good for 19th place overall earning herself a medal.
Allison Canada (74th-15:22), Leila Hernandez (90th-17:11), and Melia Hinojosa (108th-40:15) were the other two runners in the 111-competitor field.
8th Colts
The 8th grade Colts placed third as a team with 92 points.
Joe Guerrero led the way with his own third place finish and a time of 9:37 while Tanner Davis placed 10th with a 10:00 in his first race of the season.
Mario Vicente (21st-10:26), Maverick Beaty (28th-11:14), George Garcia (30th-11:16), and Cecilio De La Garza (40th-11:56) also ran for the bronze medal qualifying team.
There were 99 runners in this competition.
8th Fillys
Rachel Stotts led the team for the second week in a row with a 21st place, 11:57 finish. The 8th Fillys did not meet the five-runner limit to have a qualifying team score.
Kenadi Marek (36th-12:44) and Aralynn Garcia (99th-15:33) also ran for the Fillys in the 116-person race.
Team rankings
7th boys
1st Medina Valley 52, 2nd Pleasanton 81, 3rd San Antonio Pieper Ranch 85, 4th Great Hearts Northern Oaks 133, 5th Del Rio 138, 6th Loma Alta 141, 7th Boerne Geneva 144, 8th Bandera 192, 9th Devine 208, 10th Eagle Pass 256.
7th girls
1st Boerne 68, 2nd Bandera 89, 3rd San Antonio Pieper Ranch 106, 4th Pleasanton 127, 5th La Vernia 133, 6th Boerne Geneva 144, 7th Loma Alta 151, 8th Medina Valley 159, 9th Ingram 174, 10th Pearsall 235.
8th boys
1st San Antonio Pieper Ranch 30, 2nd Lytle 56, 3rd Devine 92, 4th Boerne 102, 5th Great Hearts Northern Oaks Griffins 129, 6th Del Rio 142, 7th Loma Alta 179, 9th Eagle Pass 201, 10th Medina Valley 233.
8th girls
1st San Antonio Pieper Ranch 51, 2nd Pleasanton 74, 3rd Boerne 96, 4th La Vernia 127, 5th Del Rio 128, 6th Lytle 135, 7th Boerne Geneva 146, 8th Bandera 201, 9th Loma Alta 243, 10th Eagle Pass 257.
By Jerel Beaty
Staff Writer