A little bit of this and that

A busy week, of sorts. Officers handled 61 calls for service and conducted 63 traffic stops. Those stops resulted in 55 drivers being issued citations and 8 receiving warnings.
I should be happy that we didn’t take anybody to jail or even take a single report of a property crime. It sure doesn’t give me much to report on. One person was stopped and cited and released for drug paraphernalia, that’s our big case of the week.
We had a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Ranging from “my car was stolen” to “never mind it was repossessed,” “somebody posted something about me on social media,” to “the Amazon delivery truck has their high beams on.” You call and we will respond, that’s what we do.
We made it through the parade last Saturday. It was a nice one and the weather was great. I talked to a few people I hadn’t seen in a good while, I guess that is what homecoming is all about.
The city had a trailer in the parade, besides showing off our elected officials …. we were celebrating 70 years of being an incorporated city. So, that is kind of a big deal. I hope I am around for the 75th, I am sure we will have a big blowout. Another point of interest is that I didn’t fall off my bicycle or cause any of my other bike guys to crash. I think that is a first for me. An Olympic event for “Candy Throwing from a Bicycle,” that may be my final chance at greatness.