Homes, buildings hit by burglars December 10

There were several burglaries in Medina County on the morning of December 10. The first Burglary of Habitation was reported on FM 4715/CR 5719 W around 8:56am. A Burglary of a Building was reported about an hour later around 9:47 am at 1300th block of CR 772 Natalia. A couple hours after that, a burglary was reported in the 400th block of CR 6711 Natalia around 11:42 am.
On December 12, a Burglary of a Building was reported in the 200th block of PR 7615 Devine was called in around 11:27.
“It’s that time of year, so please keep an eye out for you and your neighbors. Make sure everything is locked, and double locked, and if you go shopping, make sure no one can see valuables sitting inside your vehicle,” Chief Deputy Gilbert Rodriguez.
“Please do not hesitate to report anything suspicious,” Rodriguez said. “We are here and we are ready to help. To report anything suspicious you can call the non-emergency line at 830-741-6153.”

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