Young man’s heroic actions saves baby brother’s life, touches many others

It’s been just a little over two years since this young man’s heroic actions saved his baby brother’s life. The world seemed to stop on Thanksgiving night, 2017, when Logan Tovar’s newborn baby brother stopped breathing. But amidst the shock and chaos, 5-year-old Logan quickly jumped into action.
Logan is a special kid, whose kindness and awareness of the needs of people around him, makes a beautiful story to share with our readers this Christmas.
On that scary night in 2017, Logan’s baby brother Jayson was suffering from RSV.
“Jayson was only 18 days old,” said mother Courtney Herrera. “We had just taken the baby to one of the best specialists in Austin that day. They told me everything was going to be okay. When we got back home to Devine that night, I was just holding him, and I just knew something was wrong.”
Logan, who was only 5 years old at the time, came over and was holding the baby’s hand.
“When he let go of his hand, it just dropped, and Logan looked up at me and said ‘Mom, he is dying,’” Ms. Hererra recalls solemnly.
Shortly after that, the young baby did stop breathing. His mother was in shock.
“I was panicking I did not know what to do. Logan saved his baby brothers life. He ran over and pushed everything off the table and told his dad to ‘breathe into’ his baby brother’s mouth. He told me to call 9-1-1.”

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“When EMS arrived, they said the CPR is what kept Jayson alive. It kept his lungs open. Jayson had gone into cardiac arrest and his lungs were so full the doctors said it looked like a smoker’s lungs,” Herrera remembers.
Baby Jayson was airlifted to the hospital, and made a full recovery after several weeks in ICU. “When it was happening, we were just in shock. We had never been in a situation like that and I just didn’t react. We’d never had any CPR training,” Herrera adds. “Logan is a very special kid. He stayed calm the whole time. He never even cried until after EMS arrived.”
Ms. Herrera shares that Logan is always very aware of the needs of others around him, and ready to lend a hand.
“He also likes to hang out and help his Grandmother Louisa Herrera. When she is having a hard time—he says ‘Come on Grandma—you can hang onto me!’”
“When we go to San Antonio, Logan always rolls down his window and hands out money. He gave away a $20 bill one time,” Ms. Herrera said. “Logan gives all his love to others. He also likes to donate gifts to others at Christmas.”
“This Christmas, he told me ‘Mom, don’t buy me anything.’ He knows another family in need and wants to buy gifts for them instead. He did the same thing last Christmas. He is only 7 years old.”
Even as the interview was going on, mom says Logan was busy gathering up cans for the food pantry drive.
“I thank God for him every day,” Ms. Herrera said. “He has helped me and so many others so much…He has a big heart and he is always giving.”
After losing his grandfather to cancer, Logan stated that when he grows up, he wants to be a doctor or a scientist and invent medication to help people.