Warhorses finish pre-District strong

District starts Friday against Crystal City, and with a 13-9 record, the Warhorses are ready to face their tough district competition. Last week they beat Marion and Lytle and faced Fredericksburg this past Monday night.
Marion fell to Devine after the Warhorses took control of the tempo and led 20-5 at the end of the first quarter. The Warhorses were outscored in the second quarter 4-10 to end the half 24-15. They dominated the third quarter and the fourth to win the game 48-30.
Dalton Kramer 4, Sergio Martinez 11, Mason Burford 3, Kam Adams 14, Justin Contreras 10, Xavier Contreras 6. Q1 20-5, Q2 24-15, Q3 41-20, Q4 48-30.
Lytle started out as a much tougher opponent than Marion, but the Warhorses found their shooting rhythm in the second quarter and held the Pirates to 32-23 at the half. In the fourth quarter the Warhorses went from a lead of 48-36 to a final score of 70-46 due to making 12 of their 18 free throws that quarter. In the fourth Kramer scored 5 points, Jose Dozel 2, Martinez 3, Burford 4 of 4 free throws, Adams 7, and Colin Dishman 2 points.
Kramer 9, Dozel 2, Martinez 8, Burford 16, Adams 26, J. Contreras 8, Dishman 2. Q1 13-13, Q2 32-23, Q3 48-36, Q4 40-46. FTP 55%.
In their final pre-district game of the season, the Warhorses took on Fredericksburg on Monday night. The first half was a tight back and forth struggle with Devine down 24-26 at the half. When the Billies stepped back out on the court, the Warhorses were unprepared to keep up with the new tempo and slowly fell further behind. They never gave up but could not get the ball to sink when they needed it the most. Devine lost 48-58.
Kramer 8, Martinez 7, Burford 9, Adams 10, J. Contreras 14. Q1 12-14, Q2 24-26, Q3 32-43, Q4 48-58. FTP 78%
The Warhorses open district Friday night against Crystal City and then Tuesday is on the road to Pearsall.
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer