Arabian powerlifting places 3rd, Terrazas named Best Overall Lifter

The Arabian powerlifting team placed third in its official first meet of the 2020 season, narrowly missing second place by a single point 31-30. Aailyah Terrazas was named Best Overall Lifter in the lightweight division and Khali Key won the 220lb division.
“I am definitely excited about our season starting,” stated Head Coach Paul Gomez. “There are close to 50 powerlifters counting both the Arabians and the Warhorses so it is definitely a big group.”
Although the season is just now officially underway, goals have been set and the Arabians are looking to improve from last week’s meet.
“I think it’s going to be a great year for us and we are aiming to get a few Warhorses and a few Arabians to qualify for the State Championship Meet,” said a more-than-excited Coach Gomez. “Our kids have been working hard and are ready to see where they stand in the region. It was good for Coach Devin Rotramel and me to see these athletes compete. Powerlifting consists of physical and mental strength and discipline and definitely helps their confidence.”
Results (lifter-place-division-squat-bench-deadlift)
Aaliya Terrazas-2nd-105-245-110-275 Arsci Lopez-6th-105-220-105-220 Jeanette Rios-3rd-114-111-180-145-240 Nayeli Saldana-7th-114-165-85-140 Jocelyn Zamaron-114-11th-160-85-140 Clarissa Ybanez-9th-148-200-150-215 Katalina Pasillas-10th-148-195-115-235 Selly Gutierrez-165-4th-250-130-265 Bella Gutierrez-5h-181-240-115-195 Cece Martinez-198-4th-245-115-255 Kylie Rodriguez-6th-198-220-110-220 Khali Key-1st-220-300-190-320 Felicity Diaz-2nd-220-315-165-320 Nadia Rodriguez-220-4th-130-95-170 Gillian Estala-3rd-259-265-130-275.
Up next
The Arabian powerlifting team next competes Thursday, January 23 at Texas Strength Systems (TSS) in San Antonio. The Warhorses get start their season January 16 at the same facility. For the 2020 season, all Arabian and Warhorse regular season meets will be at TSS and all will begin at 5:30pm.
By Jerel Beaty
Staff Writer